PhD Students

Former Members

  • Susanna BALLANSAT-AEBI (associate member)
  • Giorgina CERUTTI BENÍTEZ (PhD student)
  • Françoise MONAT (associate member)
  • Albert MORALES MORENO (post-doctoral member)

Associate Members

External Associate Members

Swiss Institutions

  • Fabienne BERTAGNOLLO (Federal Chancellery)
  • Gérard CAUSSIGNAC (State Chancellery of the canton of Bern)
  • Jean-Luc EGGER (Federal Chancellery)
  • Caroline LAURENT (Federal Office of Justice)
  • Anne-Claire SIMONET (Department of Justice of the canton of Bern)

International Organizations

  • Noureddine AHMIDOUCH (World Intellectual Property Organization)
  • John BEAVEN (Council of the European Union)
  • James BRANNAN (European Court of Human Rights)
  • Robert DICKINSON (United Nations)
  • Emmanuelle FABRE TURNER (World Trade Organization)
  • Jess HAVE NIELSEN (Court of Justice of the European Union)
  • Anne LAFEBER (United Nations)
  • Dennice PENICHE (International Labour Organization)
  • Fernando PERAL (International Telecommunication Union)
  • Simar PROUST (International Labour Organization)
  • Alberto RIVAS YANES (DGT, European Commission)
  • Colin ROBERTSON (Council of the European Union)
  • Aníbal RUBIO (World Trade Organization)
  • Xingmin ZHAO (United Nations)