Paolo CANAVESE holds a double degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication and German-Italian Studies (University of Trieste and University of Regensburg, 2014) and a Master of Arts in Specialised Translation and Interpreting (University of Trieste, 2016). His passion for research in translation and linguistics dates back to the beginning of his studies and has never faded since. After working as a translator at the Swiss federal institutions, he joined the Italian Unit of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Geneva as a research assistant. Under the supervision of Prof. Annarita Felici, he is currently working on his doctoral thesis entitled “Atti normativi elvetici nella terza lingua ufficiale : chiarezza de jure o de facto?”, focused on the level of clarity of Swiss federal legislative acts produced or translated in Italian from a diachronic perspective. Translating and teaching translation are two fundamental aspects of his professional life.

Working languages: Italian, German, French, English.


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