Master of Arts in Translation

The members of Transius teach courses in legal translation, law, economic translation, terminology, advanced translation and revision, all within the FTI’s Master of Arts in Specialised Translation, which is part of the EMT network (European Master’s in Translation). Legal translation is the core component of the “Legal and Institutional Translation” specialisation which provides an extensive training in the field. This specialisation was developed by several members of the Centre and is coordinated by its director.

Continuing Education

The Centre actively contributes to the continuing education programmes organised by the FTI on specific subjects for professionals and graduate students. Below is a list of some courses offered on a regular basis:

  • “Translating legal texts in the Swiss context”;
  • “The translation of contracts (English-French)”;
  • “English and American law for translators”;
  • “The translation of international legal texts”.