Associate professor, head of the Arabic Unit

+41 (0)22 37 98691


Recent publications

Sonia Asmahène HALIMI is an associate professor at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, at the University of Geneva. Her PhD thesis in translation studies addressed the use of concept maps as a cognitive tool for knowledge acquisition and their application in teaching specialized translation. She has worked as a professional translator in a number of UN agencies, including the UN Office in Geneva, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the International Labor Office (ILO), and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Her fields of expertise range from intellectual property to international humanitarian law. She currently teaches economic and legal translation, translation practice (English-Arabic, French-Arabic), text analysis, and translation memory applications in translation projects. She has also been involved in various research projects on the development of speech translation systems (MedSLT medical project) and L2 learning tools for CALL.

Working languages: Arabic, French, English.

Selected publications

(2012) The Characteristics of Arabic and English Legal Terminology In International Texts [خصائص المصطلحات القانونية العربية والإنجليزية في الوثائق الدولية]. University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences, 10(1).

(2011) With Bouillon, P., Rayner, M. & Tsourakis, N. Evaluating A Web-Based Spoken Language Translation Game For Learning Domain Language. In L. Gómez Chova, I. Candel Torres & A. López Martínez (Eds.), INTED 2011 Proceedings (pp. 4112-4119). Valencia: IATED.

(2010) Optimizing Specialized Translation Process By Knowledge Organization. In S. Shiyab, M. G. Rose, J. House & J. Duval (Eds.), Globalization and Aspects of Translation (pp. 88-99). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

(2007) With Bouillon, P., Rayner, M. & Hockey, B. A. Adapting A Medical Speech To Speech Translation System (MedSLT) To Arabic. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Approaches to Semitic Languages. Common Issues and Resources (pp. 41-48). Stroudsburg: ACL.

(2006) The Concept Map As A Cognitive Tool For Specialized Information Recall. In A. J. Cañas & J. D. Novak (Eds.), Concept Maps: Theory, Methodology, Technology. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Concept Mapping (pp. 542-549). San José: Universidad de Costa Rica.

(2005) With Dancette, J. La représentation des connaissances ; son apport à l’étude du processus de traduction. Meta : Journal des traducteurs, 50(2), 548-559. doi:10.7202/010999ar.