The Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (Transius) of the University of Geneva will hold its next international conference from 7 to 9 July 2025.

The Transius conference, which is organised in collaboration with IAMLADP’s Universities Contact Group (UCG), is a unique international forum for knowledge transfer, dialogue and networking between researchers, practitioners, trainers and trainees. It combines keynote lectures, parallel paper presentations, a poster session and thematic roundtables on the latest developments in the field.

Individual or collective papers or posters proposals (in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish; maximum of two per author) on the following themes will be welcome: 

          1. Methods and competence in legal or institutional translation, including comparative legal analysis and legal hermeneutics for translation
          2. Terminological issues in legal and institutional translation
          3. Applications of corpora and computer tools in legal and institutional translation practice, training and research
          4. Developments and implications of artificial intelligence in legal and institutional translation
          5. Thematic specialisation in institutional translation (technical, scientific, financial, etc.)
          6. Translation quality assurance and management practices in institutional settings
          7. Institutional policies of translation and multilingual drafting
          8. Plain language, easy language and intralingual transfer in legal and institutional settings
          9. Sociological and ethical issues in legal and institutional translation
          10. Official or certified translation 
          11. Court translation and interpreting
          12. Legal and institutional translator training

Institutional practitioners from IAMLADP organisations will also be invited to submit proposals on the above topics (a specific announcement will be circulated through the UCG).

Participants from IAMLADP institutions and UCG universities will be exempt from registration fees. Special discounts will be offered to members of professional associations.


    • Anne O'CONNOR (University of Galway)
    • Isabelle ROBERT (University of Antwerp)
    • Catherine WAY (University of Granada)


    • Submission of abstracts: 2 September - 3 November 2024
    • Registration: 2 September 2024 - 27 June 2025
    • Conference dates: 7-9 July 2025



Carmen BESTUÉ (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain) Sonia HALIMI (University of Geneva)
Łucja BIEL (University of Warsaw, Poland) Jeffrey A. KILLMAN (UNC Charlotte, United States)
Anabel BORJA ALBI (Jaume I University, Spain) Anne LAFEBER (United Nations)
Deborah CAO (Griffith University, Australia) Karen MCAULIFFE (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Elena CHIOCCHETTI (Eurac Research, Italy) Mary Ann MONTEAGUDO (Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Peru)
Jade Biyu DU (Newcastle University, United Kingdom) Gianluca PONTRANDOLFO (University of Trieste, Italy)
Valérie DULLION (University of Geneva) Fernando PRIETO RAMOS (University of Geneva)
Jan ENGBERG (University of Aarhus, Denmark) Leena SALMI (University of Turku, Finland)
Annarita FELICI (University of Geneva) Peter SANDRINI (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Mathilde FONTANET (University of Geneva) Karolina STEFANIAK (DGT, European Commission)
Jean-Claude GÉMAR (University of Montreal, Canada, and University of Geneva) Tomáš SVOBODA (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Marie-Hélène GIRARD (McGill University, Canada) Aurélien TALBOT (University of Grenoble Alpes, France)
Diego GUZMÁN (University of Geneva) Melissa WALLACE (University of Texas at San Antonio, United States)
Sandra HALE (UNSW Sydney, Australia) Catherine WAY (University of Granada, Spain)

Further information will be circulated through the Transius Centre’s website, mailing list and Twitter account.