Assistant - PhD Student

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Recent publications

Véronique BOHN holds a Master of Arts in Translation with a concentration in Specialised Translation (2010) and a Complementary Certificate in Translation (2012) from the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI) of the University of Geneva. She is a research and teaching assistant at the French Unit of the Translation Department of the FTI, where she is currently working on her doctoral thesis entitled "Pratiques de transfert linguistique dans la communication politique en Suisse : les journaux des partis politiques", focused on the use of translation in political communication and supervised by Prof. Valérie DULLION. She is also a freelance translator on the Swiss market.

Working languages: French, German, Spanish, English.


(2014) Towards a Typology of Interlinguistic Strategies in Political Communication: The Swiss Political Parties as Case in Point. In: Abdel Wahab KHALIFA, dir. Translators Have Their Say? Translation and the Power of Agency. Berlin: LIT Verlag, 134-152.