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Samantha CAYRON holds dual citizenship in Mexico and in France. She is a 1993 graduate from Mexico City in Translation and Interpreting, with a focus on Spanish-English-French language combinations. After working as a freelance translator in Mexico, in 1995 she traveled to Europe to pursue specialized courses of study at the Sorbonne, the French Alliance and the Paris Chamber of Commerce. In 2001 she obtained her Masters in Spanish-French-English translation at the School of Translation and Interpreting (at present Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, FTI) at the University of Geneva. She then began working as a freelance translator in France, specializing in legal translation and actively participating in networks of European translators. In 2006, she was appointed as a certified translator French-Spanish interpreter for the Court of Appeal of Grenoble, France. From 2008 to 2014, she worked as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Spanish Unit of the FTI. In 2015, after conducting her research project on the French-Spanish certified translation of notary public documents in the probate field, she obtained her PhD in Legal Translation Studies with highest honors (Très honorable avec les félicitations du jury), also at the FTI. She currently teaches, mainly French-Spanish and English-Spanish Masters-level legal translation at the FTI. As a Research Associate and member of the Transius Centre, her work focuses on translation on the judicial field, certified legal translation and comparative law.

Working languages: Spanish, French, English.


(2015) La traducción jurada de documentos notariales en materia de sucesiones entre los sistemas jurídicos francés y español: el caso del acta de notoriedad. PhD thesis. Geneva: Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Geneva. Http://

(2001) Un langage universel pour la traduction automatique multilingue. Master dissertation. Geneva: Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Geneva.